Ahsanul Quwaid Multi Colour Arabic / English – Laminated


Cover: Paperback
Pages: 56 Laminated Pages
Size: 8 x 5.5 inches

Availability: In stock

The Book “Ahsanul Qawaid” Colour Coded is a brief guide for the children and for every unfamiliar beginner who wants to learn the Quran easily and quickly. Different Colours have been used in this book to highlight Harakat, Madd, Ikhfa, Gunnah etc. which helps recital to recognize the words easily. Some Important Kalimas, Tasbeehat-e-Salat have been provided along with the procedure of Making Wudhu and performing Salat with illustrated pictures have also been added in this book. The inside pages of the Book are Plastic laminated!
All the Kalima’s and Tasbeehat have been provided with an English translation and it’s transliteration along with Arabic text which is very useful for those who are unable to recite Arabic text. If anyone read, understand and practice according to the exercise given in this book then it will help to recite the Holy Quran easily, In sha Allah.

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